Welcome to my website.  I hope you will enjoy having a look around at all that I as an Holistic Therapist, Psychic Artist/Medium, Artist and Jeweller have to offer.


I have believed in angels from being a very small child, listening to stories at school about 'Wopsie' the naughty angel and 'Pookie' the flying angel rabbit. As a child I was told by my teachers at school that everbody had a guardian angel and I truly believed it. Also as a child I used to run full pelt down the street and leap into the air trying to fly! If I did that as an adult now I would be locked up.

As I grew up my interest in angels took a back seat to my interest in other things, namely work, boyfriends, pop music, then husband and children. It wasn't until I was attuned to Reiki that they popped up again.

Once I had received my Reiki 1 attunement I was inundated with synchronisity (coincidences) to the point of WOW factor. I just couldn't believe the number of coincidences that were happening to me all the time.

As I progressed along my own spiritual journey I was to receive little white feathers, songs, messages, and just recently angelic fragrances. I am regularly awoken at 4.44am and instead of being annoyed I just smile and say 'Hello Angels', then turn over and go back to sleep.

For the uninitiated the number 444 means 'Thousands of angels surround you at this moment, loving and supporting you. You have a very strong and clear connection with the angelic realm, and are an Earth angel yourself. You have nothing to fear - all is well'. Taken from 'Angel Numbers' by Doreen Virtue and Lynnette Brown

ISBN 1-4019-0515-3

I first experienced my early morning call from the angels after reading a book called 'The Messengers' by

Julia Ingram and G.W. Hardin. In the book the man Nick keeps getting woken up at 4.44am, then so do his business partners. It is a good book to read, although I have had to read it more than once to realise the significance of it all.

I have never seen an angel, well not yet with my physical eyes but I hold out the hope that maybe I will see one someday. I have seen tiny creatures whilst doing a self Reiki treatment but they seemed more like fairies than angels, they were dancing on the top of some terracotta flower pots and looked like a smaller version of 'little weed' from 'Bill & Ben the Flower Pot Men'.

I do believe that angels bring abundance but you have to remember they can only help you if they are asked to. My angels (or those that work spiritually with me) have brought me two cars.

My work with crystals has only enhanced my contact with the great and good by opening me up to receive information and energies from the heavenly and higher beings. Going off the frequent buzzing I get in my ears I think I am downloading information all the time and that all will become apparent in due course.

I don't understand what is happening to me as I am such an ordinary person who is definitely not a 'goody two shoes', and has been known to swear like a trooper. All I can say is 'bring it on'. Whatever it is that is happening to me I am loving it. Everytime something happens it is the WOW factor, the 'oh my God' the 'you'll never believe this' factor.

I am hoping that I will find some time in the near future to produce a book about my happenings but in the meantime I will record them in my angel journal and on the computer.

If you are someone who also has happenings don't think that you are going crazy, just smile quietly to yourself and say 'thank you angels', and write it down. Then after some time has elapsed read it back, you will be amazed at the wonderful things that you have experienced.

Watch this space for more ramblings.

In love and light and angelic hugs.