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My name is Anne Firby and I cannot imagine a day in my life without the presence and guidance of the Angelic Realm.

My journey began as a young child when even before primary school I was taught about angels at my mother's knee, especially my Guardian Angel. Some of you may remember this prayer. We would recite it day and night and especially if we felt frightened or alone.

Angel of God my guardian dear

To whom God's love commits you here

Ever this day be at my side

To light and guard

To rule and guide

Whilst at primary school we would be read stories of Wopsy a guardian angel which had been written by a priest and illustrated by a nun. And whilst still of Junior school age I sent in a funny story to a girl's magazine 'Mirabelle'. The story went ' I was late for school and was trying to hurry up whilst walking along the street when I remembered to ask my guardian angel to help. I began to speed up a little and then I tripped and fell over. Okay I said to my guardian angel I know I asked for help but there was really no need to push'! Well I thought it was very funny at the time and I think it won me a postal order ha ha!

As a child I didn't know about lots of angels but I knew about Gabriel the Angel of Communication and I truly believe that Gabriel has probably had a lot more influence on my life than I give him/her credit for. Why him/her you may wonder? That's because Angels or Archangels are not human so do not have a gender they are androgynous having both male and female characteristics. And giving them names helps us to recognise them because they recognise each other by their energy signatures. 

Growing up I became aware of Archangels Michael, Rapahel and Uriel too. Then as an adult I was introduced to many, many more thanks to various books, courses and tutors. I shall share some stories with you on another page.


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