The Creativity and Inspiration of the Spirit World


I am a Psychic/Spiritual Artist/Medium. I create portraits/auragraphs and paintings with the inspiration and help of the spirit world.

When I start to draw my pictures I am not aware immediately whether they will be male or female, unless I am given a name. I have also done a few spirit inspired abstract paintings and auragraphs.


My interest in art goes back a very long way. As a child I used to copy the cartoon figures in the newspapers like 'Andy Capp' and 'Hagar the Horrible'. Some years prior to that I liked to draw pictures of 'Crinolene Ladies' and fancied myself as some sort of fashion designer too. I also once drew a very good side profile of Elvis as he appeared on his 'Rock 'n' Roll No.2' album. It was a very good effort if I do say so myself unfortunately I don't know what happened to the picture and it may have been lost when moving house.

When at senior school and choosing my options I chose to keep art and drop maths. The moment I put paint to paper it became a mess and I realised I was far better at drawing than painting. And, as for giving up maths - I have spent my whole working life 'number crunching' for a living.

Working with Spirit to produce portraits, auragraphs and pictures, however, seems so natural to me. Of course, my first attempts at spirit drawing were not up to much but I soon got the hang of it and am very pleased to say that I have had several of my portraits 'claimed' by people as being true representations of their loved ones in spirit. I have lots of portraits that have not been claimed and this is simply because I do a lot of the drawing at home and have had nowhere to showcase them - hence this website was born.

What about my own spirituality? Well, what a journey I have been on and am still on. From being fascinated by all things spiritual since childhood, then being married, having children and grandchildren and dealing with all things that the normal average person deals with on daily basis, I am now able to devote more time to my increasing wonderment of the spiritual side of life.

I suppose you could say that my journey got a kick-start in the late 80's early 90's when I chose to study body massage and aromatherapy. This led me on the path to healing both self and others. I soaked up this subject like a sponge and soon qualified as an Aromatherapist. Around this time I made my first attempt to join an awareness circle at a local spiritualist church. Unfortunately, the time wasn't right I wasn't ready and didn't go again for a very long time.

Some years went by and as I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge I did some academic courses at evening classes. Then my youngest sister and I discovered Reiki and were attuned to Usui Reiki level 1 in the late 90's. As I was attuned I saw my third eye for the very first time and the most wonderful royal blue colour. I have since learned that this colour is associated with Archangel Michael and also the Ascended Master El Morya the chohan of the first ray who likes to work with me.


Whilst all this spiritual growing was happening it was inevitable that I would go back to the Spiritual Churches. I tried a couple and a few private circles and finally settled in the development circle of my local church. It was whilst attending this church that I was made aware of the Arthur Findlay College at Stansted, in Essex.

What can I say about the AFC as it is lovingly known - if you want to work with spirit this is the place to be. The Hall was left to the SNU by Arthur Findlay to be used as a spiritual college and people come from far and wide to attend courses there organised by the world's best mediums and tutors.

I have been attending the AFC since March 2007 and I consider it to be my spiritual home and when I arrive I feel like I've come home and when it's time to leave I really don't want to.

I have met some great tutors, some wonderful students of all nationalities and have learned so much from both tutors and students alike. Whilst at the AFC I am always inspired to write philosophy or poems, and now Spirit Art. Alan Stuttle is the Art tutor whose courses I have attended and he is ably assisted by the two Jan's, Janette Marshall whose pictures are composite energies of spirit people, and Janet (Alan's partner) whose meditations each morning set us up for a good day's work.


I have also attended amother Spirit Art course at the AFC and the tutors were Stella Upton and Su Wood.  Stella Upton is a fountain of knowledge with regards to Auragraphs and I have since produced some amazing Auragraphs with the help of loved ones in the spirit world.

As you will now realise I am not an academically trained artist but what I lack in certification in art I make up for in enthusiasm and energy. I love working in this way with spirit and hope to continue to improve with each new picture that I create. I have also been painting in oil (landscapes) and have attended some classes locally since 2011 and I am very pleased with my results so far. I can confidently sacclaim to be an 'International' artist as some of my paintings now reside in their new homes in Scotland, Wales and Germany.


This also inspired me to create my 'mini works of art' which are background painted on 6" x 4" canvases and embellished with feathers, butterflies, flowers, etc and each has a sentiment on the back of the canvas and they each stand on their own mini easel.


I have since attended several 'pastels' workshops with the very talented Les Darlow and have produced some beautiful works of art.  The pastels I have created are a bit on the large size and are a little difficult to display, however I found a lovely local man who has created mounts for them for me.

I organised a Spirit Art workshop in 2010 and it was a huge success. So much so that I am then ran a 2 day workshop in 2011 - the first day we worked with the Angelic Realm and the second day we worked with Spirit Art .  I am so pleased with what I have achieved and learned that I can't wait to pass it on and let others experience what I have experienced. You don't have to be artistic or produce a masterpiece, just go with the flow and produce whatever you are inspired to create from the spirit world. It may just be a scribble to you but it could mean the world to someone else when you explain why you have drawn your scribble and how you feel about it and what message their loved ones want to bring to them.

In late 2010 another medium and friend kindly allowed me to share the platform with her and create my 'spirit persons' drawings. We worked at four churches and the feedback from the congregations was very good. Lots of my pictures were claimed plus the information that I had received and given out was accepted. One lady got 2 pictures from the spirit world and they were brothers and they told me their names too. At another church I drew a young man and the info I had been given was '16 years, the name John, a bike, an accident and head injuries'. Two ladies in the congregation came to me at the end of the service and claimed him as Seamus who would be 16 years old now, he did have a bike, he passed in an accident of head injuries and his grandad (and the grandad of one of the ladies) was called John. But the best part of all was that the lady realised it was Seamus' mother's birthday that day - he had brought his love to his mother on her birthday.  I
also support another medium and friend who demonstrates her mediumship in local pubs and clubs and I have done several drawings whilst working with her that have been claimed. One drawing I did at a venue in Glossop in February 2011 - even before I started to draw I was told the word 'Nights' so I took it that this person who I was about to draw worked nights. I drew the portrait and it was of a young man who gave his name as 'Phill'. I haven't spelt that wrong it was to show me he spelt his name Phillip with two l's. When I showed his portrait to the audience one lady said it looked like her brother Phill would have looked if he had not been severly disabled but she didn't understand about the 'nights' because he had never worked, she thought it may mean that he didn't sleep at nights. Then after about 10 minutes she suddenly said 'oh, that was his name, that was my maiden name 'Knight's'!!!!!! So how good was that - even though her brother had been severly disabled in this lifetime he came through loud and clear showing us how he looks now 'perfect' in the spirit world and he also gave us his first name and surname. No further information was received from him - but he didn't need to give us any more proof than his name.


In June 2011 I supported my friend again whilst she was demonstrating her mediumship at Ashton United FC, Hurst Cross Ashton. As usual I was drawing my portraits and half way through my friends demonstration I held up my pictures and spoke about the info I had been given with the pictures. As I held up a picture of a schoolboy (he made sure I knew he was a school boy as he made me draw a school cap on his head - something I hadn't done before and I remember as I started to draw the cap I was wondering is this an old fellow with a flat cap?). The name the schoolboy gave me was John and I had to draw 'trauma' at the side of his neck. This is the only information I received about my picture. When I held my portrait up to show the audience, about two-thirds of them said in unison 'that's John Kilbride'.........

John Kilbride was a victim of the Moors Murders and unbeknown to myself and my medium friend he had lived in very close proximity to the Football Club and actually used to play football on the club's pitch.  I still have John's portrait as there were no members of his family in the room to take him home.  When I got home I looked on the internet to find photographs of John and I found one that had similarities to my drawing.  I placed his photograph and my drawing on a Word document and cropped them so they were equal in size, it was only then that I could see what the people at the club saw and I was amazed at the obvious likeness.













At this same venue I was just about to draw another portrait when I heard the words 'the Jury's out' and then I had to do a huge 'gulp' or swallow in my throat area. I drew a small face but it looked like a young male to me - I was given the name 'H.....' (I am not putting the name here because of the circumstances of the baby's passing).  A lady came to speak to me about the portrait and she asked could it be a baby as she knew of a baby of the name 'H.....' who had passed to the spirit world at the age of 6 months under suspicious circumstances and that my portrait actually looked like the baby's father. This lady knew the baby's grandmother so she took the portrait for the baby's grandmother. I didn't take a photograph of this portrait.

I believe these children needed to be heard that evening and they chose me to speak for them.

In April 2011 whilst on the Art course at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted I had to pair up with a young man of 16 and one of us had to do the mediumship whilst the other drew the portrait, and the idea was to bring through a friend or loved one belonging to someone in the room. My young friend put the background colour blue onto the paper so he made a connection with the picture before he started to speak and then I started to draw. As I was drawing I felt the presence of a lady of 'regal' stature and as my young friend started to speak it was as if he was speaking to our group as a whole and not to an individual person. At first we joked that I had drawn the Queen Mother and that she had come for William and Kate's wedding that Friday but then I realised that the person I had drawn had worked at the college as a tutor and I asked the question 'is this Coral Polge' (secretly hoping it was (ego)) and one of the tutors said 'it's either Coral Polge, Muriel Tennant, or Mary Duffy - ask Alan (Stuttle)'. Two of the other ladies in our group who had known Muriel Tennant said that it was her portrait I had drawn and as soon as I showed Alan Stuttle he said immediately 'that's Muriel Tennant'. All agreed that Muriel had had a 'regal air' about her. I had never heard of Muriel Tennant nor Mary Duffy, I had heard of Coral Polge (Spirit Artist) as I bought her book from ebay and was delighted to find it was a signed copy!  All the ladies Muriel, Coral and Mary had worked as mediums/teachers at the college. I looked on the internet and found a photograph of Muriel Tennant and again was surprised at the likeness that I had captured.





What is an auragraph? There are several different ways of creating an auragraph. It is a way of giving a reading to someone either psychically or from spirit or both. Below is an example of one way to create an auragraph.



Auragraph 1

This auragraph was the first of a set of five that I created prior to a booking for readings. I numbered the auragraphs from 1 to 5 and as soon as I decided that this was the way I wanted to work, spirit began to 'tell' me what needed to be drawn on each auragraph. Number 1 had to have a single white Rose in the centre. When I went to do the readings the lady who had chosen to be number 1 was given this auragraph and as I began to give her the information I had gleaned whilst drawing it I asked her did she know a significant person in her life with the initial 'P' as in the drawing. She affirmed that she knew two people with the initial P one on the earth plane and the other in spirit. I asked if the name Pauline was one of those and she confirmed that Pauline was the person on the earth plane and a friend of hers. Almost immediately I felt the spirit presence of a young girl a young teenager standing directly behind me. The spirit girl was very shy and wasn't for stepping forward and it seems this was her personality. I asked if she lost her hair and this was confirmed. At the end of the reading the recipient told me that the young girl's surname was 'White' signified by the single white Rose. There were tears all round.



Auragraph 2

The dog was just like the recipient's dog now in spirit and the gentleman's watch was also very significant to the recipient as it was left behind by a gentleman who she thought the world of. All items drawn were taken by the recipient.






Auragraph 3

Before I began the reading I asked the recipient to choose one pack of Angel cards (from the 4 on the table) and then shuffle and choose one card from that pack. The card she chose was 'Set yourself free' which is exactley what I had depicted by drawing the butterfly with a human face. The flowers were just like the ones in the recipient's mother's garden. All items drawn were taken by the recipient.


Auragraph 4

All items drawn were taken by the recipient. The Christmas tree was bare because I read correctly that the recipient would maybe let others help dress the tree but that she would have to place the very last piece on top of the tree. The poppy signified a loved one in spirit with a November birthday, anniversary or passing. The letter 'I' was really significant as I correctly read that it was now a matter of 'I' rather than 'we' and the recipient had just split up from her partner. The horse and the cat were memories from childhood too.


Auragraph 5

All items drawn were taken by the recipient. The dolphin signified the recipient as a peacemaker across the two different sides of her family. The 3 bubbles were significant as was the chain and the penny.



Auragraph drawn for a public demonstration

The recipient of this auragraph could take the letter 'L' which I attached the name Linda to. The plough was significant of farming in her family in the past. The spiral staircase depicted her own spiritual journey but I also got 2 'S's' which she could take as herself and her daughter. The old knitted lace shawl was taken as handed down in the family from an old lady who I was shown wearing it around her shoulders. The violin a love of the classical music. I was 'told' to draw a 'sparse plant with orange flowers' but when I drew the plant it became abundant and I 'read' this to mean the recipient did not value herself and often felt she had nothing to offer when in fact she had an abundance of qualities to offer, a self-esteem issue. The fox she could take but it is also a totem animal and has the ability to become invisible which also ties in with the recipient who sometimes feels she is invisible. The horseshoe very tiny you can hardly see it - 'yes' she said 'I have it in my purse'. Last but not least the single red Rose in the centre of the picture was from a gentleman in spirit (her father) who 'told' me to say 'I will always be with you'. The recipient said 'I bought a glass jewellery box today'. I said 'don't tell me it had a red rose on it'. She replied 'no, it had those words on it 'I will always be with you'.




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